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A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.”

--Paulo Coehlo

LJ Banner Cropped

Most of my entries will be friend's only, so please comment to be added (and let me know how you found me, too).

Also, consider adding me as a friend on Facebook, or like my author page (perhaps both). Or maybe follow me on Twitter. I'm also on Google+ if that's more your thing.

Currently, I'm writing for a living, and I have one book out now titled Femmes du Chaos. You can also read some of my articles over here, or just check out my official website.

Because I like to stay busy, I also own a publishing company, and you can find it on Facebook and Twitter as well, if you'd like.

If you add me in other places, please send me a message telling me what your LJ username is so I can put a face with a name.
Wanted: Awesome people with a lot of time on their hands to join our GISHWHES team.

What is GISHWHES, you ask? Well it stands for the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It's a scavenger hunt that also focuses on spreading random acts of kindness across the world. The tasks range from easy, silly, creative things you can do at home to huge tasks that seem impossible at first (but then you surprise yourself).

Here's the official link for those curious: www.gishwhes.com

I was part of an awesome team last year and some of us are playing again (ironically enough, it was 99% LJ peeps which made it even more awesome). We have a few openings and would love to find creative peeps to join us on our quest to win it (or come as close as possible to doing so).

One of our team members, agirlnamedluna passed away within the last year, so we've named our team after her and will be honoring her any way we can in this year's hunt.

We are an easy going bunch, but we do ask a few things of those playing with us.

1) That you join our FB group that we set up to keep in touch. All photos/videos will be posted there since part of the fun of all this is sharing the silliness with your teammates.

2) That you are willing to put in a little time and keep in touch the entire week. It's only one week (August 1-8) and as long as you tell us what you're up to/working on and post all photos/videos to the group, it's all good.

It's seriously a lot of fun, and we try to keep things low key. No criticism, no drama, just all fun.

Let me know if you'd be interested. The grand prize is a trip to Costa Rica with Misha Collins from Supernatural by the way. And even if we don't win, there's an opportunity to have your tasks included in a book or the hall of fame.

Two weeks until sign ups are closed for good, so let me know soon if you're interested!
Also, because I'm trying to clean out my closet and get rid of stuff, I joined Yerdle which is like an online swap meet/yard sale where you don't pay with cash, but with points. You earn points by "selling" stuff you don't want. The "buyer" pays the shipping and it's really easy to use.

They give you 25 points when you sign up, so you can get free stuff right away. Things like clothes, shoes, purses, makeup, household items, you name it. It's like eBay in a way.

If you're interested, please use my promo code because I'll get 10 points for referring you. And I really want those points. Even if you're not sure you'll use it, it couldn't hurt. You'll get points, I'll get points. And it's free.

Also, people sell their homemade items there like jewelry and crocheted hats, etc. No, you don't get cash, but you can get other stuff you like in exchange for homemade items (and probably include a business card in your shipment with your store info ;)

Here's my promo link.

My friend Stacey/Gratefuladdict is in the finals ofLJ Idol. I haven't been pimping for anyone all season, but I'm going to make an exception this time.

Stacey has supported and helped me out so much over the years, and I'm stoked she made it to the finals. She's super talented and managed to continue writing while having a baby.

For that reason, I'm supporting her. I urge you to vote for your favorites, of course. Read and make your own decision. But personally, I'm partial to Stacey.

If interested, you can vote here: http://therealljidol.livejournal.com/850328.html

Feedback Wanted

I posted the other day about a short story I wanted feedback on since I planned to submit it somewhere HUGE and wanted it to be the best. Well, instead of e-mailing, I thought this might be the way to go.

Feel free to give feedback on the piece, what works, what doesn't work, etc. You can leave the feedback here or e-mail it to me at kristenrericha@gmail.com if you'd prefer.

Piece behind the cut for those interested in reading/offering feedback. And yes, this piece was self-published in my book, Femmes du Chaos, but I realize it may still need some work to get professionally published.

It's an Idol piece for the prompt The Call That Never Came, or as I named it in my book, Fire in the Sky (though I'm thinking a new title may be needed, so suggestions about that would also be appreciated)>

Read more...Collapse )


love meme

So there's a love meme going around, and while I'm struggling to respond to other's threads from my phone, I thought I'd spread the word in case anyone else is interested. I know I could use some kind words after the last few weeks, figured others could too. I have a thread, and if you do too, let me know. I'll try to leave a comment if I haven't already :)


Free book for my birthday

My birthday is tomorrow, and all I really want for my birthday are honest reviews on my book, Femmes du Chaos, or any of the Fey Publishing books (www.feypublishing.com).

I've made my book free to download over the next few days for people to check it out. If you like it, and even if you don't, I inviite you to leave a review.

It's a bit dark, twisted and disturbing, though not all the stories are that way. It's a variety of genres - horror, sci-fi, fantasy, YA, etc, almost all fairly dark. They are LJ Idol entries revamped, expanded and revised, so the stories may be familiar to those of you who followed me in Idol back in the day., but most aren't exactly as you may remember (and some are from my early, early seasons).

The theme is that all the stories involve a female protagonist facing some pretty serious circumstances. No romance. No male leads to save the day. All women.

Anyway, here's the link to download it for free: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00G60U4MW/ref=tmm_kin_title_0?ie=UTF8&sr=&qid=

So as you may remember, I wanted to get purple streaks in my hair. Well, I can't afford the style I posted the other day. I really shouldn't be spending $55 on the coloring of my hair right now, so I won't. I'll be a responsible adult even though I really, really wanna do it for my birthday. I've always wanted to add funky colors to my hair (I did it in high school all the time), but with holding down a real job for most of my adult life, I couldn't. Now I can and I can't afford it, go figure.

It's because I know I need to take care of my pets first. They need flea medicine. Plus I need a bra. And a new battery for my laptop (I'm currently using it without a battery which means it stays plugged in all the time). And I need a new charger for my laptop because it's frayed and doesn't always connect, which considering I don't have a battery is bad news.

I've considered doing something fun with my hair however, something I can do at home. I've colored my own hair most of my adult life, and my friends and family have always come to me to color their hair (my mom only trusts me. Whenever I visit, that's usually something I do for her).

I've considered buying a bleaching kit, some fools or a cap, and bleaching my own highlights while buying some manic panic for the fun colors. They'd be peek a boo highlights, so not the top layer of my hair. I've watched tutorials and it seems pretty easy. Kevin has offered to help.

But I dunno... Mainly I don't know if I should spend even that amount of money (about $20) when I need the things mentioned above. Probably shouldn't.

I'm getting my hair cut on Saturday, so if I do it, I want to do it before then to cut the damaged ends. I'm going pretty short with that hair by the way.

Decisions, decisions...


Wow, last night was something else. We were both so exhausted, but needed to help his sister move. She's leaving her asshole boyfriend finally. Problem is... He was home. It was terribly awkward to say the least.

It took three trips and it was after midnight by the time we were finished. Both Kevin and I had a long week and we were beyond loopy from sleep deprivation. But the thing is, I kept looking over at him and smiling, just remembering how much I love him. Instead of getting grumpy with each other from being so tired, we got goofy. Really goofy. At one point, we were making up poems about food and then analyzing them in depth (we were starving too).

Her boyfriend started some crap with us on the second load, and I had to hold Kevin back from beating his ass. The guy deserved it, but I didn't want him getting arrested of the cops being called.

We kept repeating "I want food in my belly, soap on my body and my head on a pillow." That became our anthem to get through the night. Like I said, we were loopy. While he walked Annabelle, I fell asleep sitting up. I barely remember showering. It was rough. And that was before I took the Lexapro.

But now it's a three day weekend! Yay! We slept until 12:30. Yowzas. I woke up earlier, played some games on my phone, but fell back asleep around 11. After this week, we needed it.

We are going to be writing a lot this weekend. I have an article to write and another novel due this week. This one is a legal thriller and I'm a tad bit nervous about it. I've never written a legal thriller before. I have to do some research on that. It'll be a three series set, and it pays very well. It's with the client I've been working with for months now (I've written 9 novellas for her so far).

The gay romance went over well. He's paying me to make changes, and then he wants me to start on book 2. He pays very well, and I love working for him, so I hope to make this an ongoing job.

I need to get back to comments on my last entry. I'll try to do that now, in fact. Though I need to be researching... We've taken most of today off already, and we really shouldn't have!

Aug. 24th, 2014

Can I just say... WTF True Blood? Really? You're really going out like that? Kevin and I both sat there, staring at our tv shaking our heads. Worst finale since Battlestar Galactica, and coming from me, that says a lot (loved BS, despised the finale. It's dead to me. Like the TB finale, I will always pretend it didn't happen). Okay, so no spoilers. Moving on.

Some good news! I finished the gay romance novel. I actually really like it. I loved writing it. Kevin read some of it and said it was really good too, and well, I just hope the client likes it and hires me to write more books because the money is dang good. And it's fun. There's no denying that. So keep your fingers crossed that he likes it... It's always nerve wrecking waiting for feedback.

Rush starts tomorrow morning, bright and early. I open the store all week, Monday through Friday. I work almost 40 hours. I'll be handling the more complex transactions by myself. I won't be checking people out like normal. I'll also be training people still, I'm sure. These newbies are not ready for tomorrow. They did not get enough training in, and considering the line will be out the door, requiring crowd control, it'll be a clusterfuck. Oh and it's mostly newbies with me tomorrow, so yeah. Should be interesting.

I have a novella due Tuesday, so tomorrow night, I'm finishing up that. It makes me sad because it's our 4 year anniversary, and I'll be too busy all week to celebrate. I have another novel due on the 5th, moving his sister this weekend. So yeah, I don't think we'll get to do anything... But what can ya do? :/

Well, I better get to bed... It's going to be a long week. Hope you're all well!

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