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Colorful Fairy

LJ Idol Week 18: Blood Harmony

Singing was my life. People used to say I had the voice of an angel, that I would go far with a voice like mine. My entire life revolved around music. I went to a special high school for the arts, while most of my friends went off to magic schools. I worked my vocal cords while others learned charms or potions. Magic was in my blood, but music was in my heart. 

My parents hadn’t been happy with my desire to pursue music instead of magic, and as my sixteenth birthday approached, all they could talk about was my future powers.  My friends, one-by-one, grew into their special powers and it was all they could talk about. Fiona was a healer, which delighted her since she was always interested in helping others. Gia could talk to the dead, which suited her for a life in criminal justice. She would one day go into practice interviewing the dead in order to find out who murdered them. Soon, it would be my turn, and I would have my entire future laid out for me. 

But all I wanted to do was sing. I couldn’t care less if I could shapeshift like my father or if I had a green thumb like my mother. None of that mattered to me. I would rather stand in front of a crowd and watch them smile from the power of my natural voice - no magic required. 

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Colorful Fairy

LJ Idol Season 11 Week 17: Negative Reverse

The demon sat at the bar, her long, black-stocking clad legs crossed seductively. Her pursed lips painted red and inviting. She flipped her raven hair over her shoulder with a flick of her wrist, turning her dark eyes on a group of poor, unsuspecting men over by the broken jukebox. 

That was until I took a seat next to her. 

Her eyes darted over to me, and one thin, perfectly arched eyebrow raised upward. 

“What are you doing here? Aren’t you too good for a place like this?” 

I waved the bartender down. “Martini please.” 

“You don’t drink?” she asked me again. 

“Well, things have changed, Luna,” I muttered. “A lot has changed actually.” 

She gave me a once over, her black eyes widening as the realization hit her. 

“Celeste, you haven’t been-- have you?”  Her lips pulled back into a smirk. 

“I have been cast down from heaven, yes,” I said. “Well, at least temporarily. I’m going to find my way back up there, just wait and see.” 

Luna cackled and people around us froze and stared. She had that sort of power over mortals - she could pierce their hearts with fear or bring them to their knees with just a sound. It all depended on what her intentions were. The bar became eerily quiet as everyone waited for their instructions from Luna. Even the bartender froze in front of me, as if unsure what to do with the bottle of gin in front of him. 

Luna waved her hand. “Oh come on, pour the poor lady a drink already. She’s had a very rough day.” 

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Colorful Fairy

LJ Idol Week 8 - My True North

“Identify yourself.” 


“.... Error. Please try again. Identify yourself.” 

I repeated my name, “Sophia.” 

The machine beeped and booped and made several disgruntled sounds before repeated. 

“Error. Technician on the way.” 

The line behind me was growing. I stepped aside and let the others check themselves into the system. Todd, the tech guy stepped out from the back. As soon as he saw me standing to the side, he let out an audible groan. 

“T-186, we’ve been through this before.” 

“Why hasn’t the system updated to my name?” 

“Because you don’t have a name, only a model number. You’re not human, 186-756-21, we’ve been over this before.” 

He used my full model number, not just the shorthand, which meant he was getting frustrated. But he wasn’t the only one. 

“I told you, I refuse to go by a number. My name is Sophia.” 

Todd rolled his eyes and wrote something down in his little black book. Notes about me. Probably scheduling another repair or reboot. Not that the last one changed anything, it was merely like a vacation where my systems were shut down. The update did improve my memory functions, and eliminated an annoying messages that kept popping up in my head trying to sell me viagra. 

“I’m going to check you in manually, for today. But I’ll send you a notification to check in with tech support this afternoon for another reboot.” 

“It won’t change a thing. I’ll still be Sophia, it’s who I am.” 

“Sure, 186. Whatever you say.” 


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Colorful Fairy

Feedback Wanted

I posted the other day about a short story I wanted feedback on since I planned to submit it somewhere HUGE and wanted it to be the best. Well, instead of e-mailing, I thought this might be the way to go.

Feel free to give feedback on the piece, what works, what doesn't work, etc. You can leave the feedback here or e-mail it to me at kristenrericha@gmail.com if you'd prefer.

Piece behind the cut for those interested in reading/offering feedback. And yes, this piece was self-published in my book, Femmes du Chaos, but I realize it may still need some work to get professionally published.

It's an Idol piece for the prompt The Call That Never Came, or as I named it in my book, Fire in the Sky (though I'm thinking a new title may be needed, so suggestions about that would also be appreciated)>

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